Sengkang’s Largest HDB Executive Apartments for Sale

Are you looking for some of the largest plus sized HDBs you can find in District 19, the North-Eastern region of Singapore?

In this article, I’m going to share with you WHY Sengkang is the area you should look at, and where EXACTLY in Sengkang you can find them.

Known as Executive Apartments, or less commonly: Premium Apartments, these are flats that typically cover at least 1,400 sqft.

A sizable home like that is increasingly rare in land scarce Singapore.

Especially with changing times due to Covid-19, a large home can be very comforting for the occupants.

Hence, demand for Executive Apartments remain high, and Sengkang is one area you should especially look at to find these HDBs For Sale.

Keep reading to find out more!

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Why Sengkang?

Above is an extract from URA of Sengkang’s area.

It is within the Tampines Expressway Northward, Sengkang East Drive & the Serangoon Reservoir Eastward, Buangkok Gren/Buangkok Drive towards the South, and the Central Expressway on the West.

Further North you enter into Punggol area, and further South is Hougang and Serangoon.

Not that there aren’t HDB Executive Apartments in the other areas, but here’s what I found through deeper analysis:


Developed since 1977, Hougang is an older town.

Besides for buyers’ general preference for newer flats, the area is also less well connected with fewer amenities.

Sengkang and Punggol on the other hand are newer estates which have their own LRT lines and modern amenities. Punggol has Waterway Point while Sengkang has Compass One and the upcoming Sengkang Grand Mall.

If you want to pay a cheaper price for an older HDB or are looking for the 2-storey Executive Maisonette, then look at Hougang.


Despite having many similarities to Sengkang, when it comes to HDB Executive Apartments, they couldn’t be more different.

Not that Punggol doesn’t have that kind of HDB flats…

But they’re just not that big.

We’re looking at Largest HDB Flats for Sale here.

And Punggol’s Executive Apartments don’t exceed 1,400 sqft.

If you come across listed sizes above that, they belong to 5-room HDB flats in estates like Treelodge@Punggol and Punggol Sapphire.

These HDB flats are loft units where the ‘extra’ square footage comes from having a higher ceiling.

Although that additional air space makes for brighter homes and can also be used efficiently to build liveable areas, it carries more of a niche appeal.

Still, Punggol does have the youngest HDB Executive Apartments you can find in District 19, from 2004.

Location, just north of Meridian LRT Station.

Now that you’re clear why you should be looking at Sengkang Executive Apartments for Sale, let’s move on to some selections!

The LARGEST Largest HDB Executive Flats

I’m picking at the details here.

As the difference is just about 1-5 sqm or 10-50 sqft…

But if you absolutely want the largest Executive HDBs in Sengkang, blocks 102 and 103 Rivervale Walk fit the bill.

These blocks are a mix of Executive HDB Maisonettes and Apartments.

Based on transaction records, a large majority of flats here are 145sqm / 1,561 sqft.

What really stood out, in terms of absolute size, was a 149sqm Maisonette located on one of the highest floors of block 102.

Check it out below, am pointing at the unit which I think might be the ones.

The most recent transaction in July 2021 was $756,888!

It’s more than 100k than the other recent transactions in these blocks.

Buyer must have really loved the unit to be willing to pay a high amount of Cash Over Valuation (COV)…

Clear testament of the rarity and demand for Executive HDB flats here.

The Most Convenient HDB Executive Apartments

With no less than 10 HDB Executive Apartment blocks within a reasonable 500m walking distance to the Sengkang MRT station, how do I say which is the most convenient?

My view: with such hot and unpredictable weather in sunny Singapore, having a direct fully sheltered walking connection to the MRT station is definitely a BIG plus in determining the ‘most convenient’.

Would you agree with me?

So, in the name of research, I spent a hot few hours to walk around the area to find out which HDB Executive Apartment clusters have that direct sheltered link to the MRT Station.

And… the conclusion is….

The blocks at the North! C & E in the picture above.

Blocks 262B and 262C Compassvale Street.

The HDB Executive Apartments with Best Views


A home with great views is the icing on the cake for a large HDB Executive Apartment.

Where do we find that in the densely built Sengkang HDB Estate?

At the cluster of blocks known as Rivervale Gardens.

These blocks face towards the Sengkang Neighbourhood Park and the Punggol Serangoon Reservoir.

Curiously, these flats are also in a category of their own.

Known as Design Plus, they were launched in 1997 and come with better finishes and attributes which set them apart from normal HDB Flats.

Some of which include full height 2 metre windows, a basement carpark, and a roof top garden.

The first point definitely a key factor in maximising the pleasant views.

As there are no ground floor units here, even the lower floor HDB Executive Apartments give you nice scenery of the greenery and sky in the horizon.

As a bonus, for such sizes, the HDB Executive Apartments here are also the youngest in the Sengkang estate!

Leases start from 2001.

So which Sengkang HDB Executive Apartments are for you?

You’ve come to the end of the article!

Hope it has been insightful for you and you now know where to find the right HDB Executive flats for sale in Sengkang suitable for your needs.

Personally, my inspiration for this article is an Executive HDB listing I have for sale at the unique Design Plus cluster at Rivervale Gardens.

It has led me to do all this research which I really hope does benefit you.

For more details on that listing check out the sales page HERE.

If you’re an owner of one of the properties around and would like to engage my services to assist you with a potential sale of your apartment, check out my Seller Services.

Feel free to get in touch too if you are just exploring options.

It’s over to you now.

What do you think of my conclusions of the Largest HDB Executive Apartments in Sengkang?

Do you agree with me?

Did I leave any crucial information out?

Let me know in the comments below!

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