Jim Tay

Jim Tay is Singaporean, and a graduate from his country’s top university, the National University of Singapore.

After graduating with a Bachelor’s degree in Accountancy, Jim excelled in corporate work within the banking and expat relocation sectors. The latter, triggering his passion for a full time career in real estate.

Armed with an astute mind, analytical skills and sharp wit, Jim brings a competitive edge for each client and for every deal and negotiation.

His experiences in the industry are wide, ranging from public sector HDBs, to private residential, to commercial properties as well as investment and restructuring deals.

An avid user of new media, he believes in staying in the forefront of the latest technologies to deliver the best value to his clients in a rapidly changing industry.

Not just about getting the deal, Jim focuses on making sure every client is content and fulfilled with their experience. Once a client, forever a friend.

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