Kent Ridge Hill Residences Review & Analysis (SWOT)

“No house should be ever on a hill or on anything. It should be of the hill. Belonging to it. Hill and house should live together each the happier for the other.” – American master architect Frank Lloyd Wright

The inspiration from which Kent Ridge Hill Residences was born.

Kent Ridge Hill residences is as of writing more than 70% sold!

The most popular 1-bedroom, 1+Study and 2-bedroom compact layouts are already fully sold.

Popular 1+Study Showflat Closed!

Somehow, this project seems to have some sort of an underground following.

In real estate agency circles, it isn’t the most hyped nor actively promoted project.

Yet it sells by itself quietly without much media coverage as well.

Much like the serenity and peaceful surroundings of Pasir Panjang where Kent Ridge Hill Residences is located at.

Maybe as a result of this ‘lack of promotion’, Kent Ridge Hill Residences is the project where I’ve received most requests to comment on, whether on my social media channels or via direct messaging.

So, at your request, here it is FINALLY!

But before I dive in, a shout-out to all reading this: Blogging/making videos isn’t really revenue-generating for me, and ultimately, it’s still real estate deals that drive my bottom line.

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(For this commentary I will be using the SWOT framework previously used for Whistler Grand which was quite well received. Knowledge of the Kent Ridge Hill Residences project details will not be included here. If you need the information, refer to the factsheet here)

Prefer watching? I did a video format too!

Kent Ridge Hil Residences Strengths

  1. Abundant Nature

Even landed homes may only have a small garden.

At Kent Ridge Hill Residences, owners have an entire park (with controlled residents only access), connected directly from the back gate of the project.

It’s not a single standalone park either.

Together with Mount Faber Park, Telok Blangah Hill Park, HortPark, and Labrador Nature Reserve, the Kent Ridge Park, forms the Southern Ridges.

How many condos can lay claim to being directly connected to the Southern Ridges?

Truly a unique selling point for Kent Ridge Hill Residences, and a boon for nature lovers.

Kent Ridge Hill Residences Site Plan
  1. Brand New, Large Land, Generous Facilities

Being an en bloc of the former Vista Park, Kent Ridge Hill Residences sits on close to a 30,000 sqm plot of land.

The 548 units are well served by the full facilities consisting of a 50m lap pool, a family pool, an amazon pool, and even a party pool… besides the gym, tennis court, function room (among others).

Although there are other new projects in the vicinity – Bijou, The Verandah Residences, Harbour View Gardens…

Kent Ridge Hill Residences is the only one with large land and full facilities.

Other comparable full facility projects are much older. (Island View/Flynn Park)

Hence, Kent Ridge Hill Residences is sure to stand out among developments in the vicinity.

  1. Low Supply of New Generation Unit Types

As sales have reflected, the 1br to 2br compact units are the most popular at Kent Ridge Hill Residences.

That’s because the area has a shortage of supply for these types of units.

The other older condos, built during a previous era tended to focus more on larger units.

Whereas at Kent Ridge Hill Residences, with a quantum purchase price starting from about 773k to just over a million, the smaller unit types fit nicely into the budget of most buyers.

This is something set to stay as following the launch of the project, URA announced in Oct 2018 new guidelines to ensure larger average unit sizes.

  1. Close to Business Districts

Who really likes to Eat Work and Play all at the same place?

With Kent Ridge Hill Residences, you can live in peaceful surroundings while at the same time be close by work.

Science Park I & II, Alexandra Business Park, the One-North innovation cluster, as well as NUS/NUH are all within a short 10-15min journey away.

You may be surprised to know that rentals for the 1-bedroom units at Bijou can go up to $3,400 per month!

That is quite a high rent and it shows the demand for properties in this area from tenants.

Business Districts near Kent Ridge Hill Residences

Kent Ridge Hil Residences Weaknesses

  1. Leasehold

Kent Ridge Hill Residences is the only 99-year leasehold project among a sea of Freehold (including landed houses)

While yes, it helps with the affordability of the units now…

It also means that at some point in the future you might be faced with a depreciating asset.

Especially, when buyers can compare with so many other freehold units in the vicinity.

  1. Lack of Amenities

When it comes to convenience for daily necessities, Kent Ridge Hill Residences is a victim of its own serenity.

Within walking distance, you have a splattering of shops at smaller mixed projects like Viva Vista or Icon @ Pasir Panjang…

Bijou at Pasir Panjang is still quite empty also.

But good news, I saw a supermarket Eccellente opening there soon in 2020!

Too, there’s a food centre near the MRT station which by the way, is an 8-10min walk away.

Still, a far cry from the convenience of places like Clementi, Beauty World or even Queenstown.

  1. No Schools

Proven time and again to be of great important to parents, there are glaringly no Primary Schools near to Kent Ridge Hill Residences.

Yes, it isn’t far from top institutions… most notably the National University of Singapore.

But entry to those schools at that level aren’t distance based like what our Primary School admission system is for.

This would in turn affect resale-ability to parents to be or small families with children reaching primary school age.

From personal experience with buyers, I know that this is definitely an important factor!

Kent Ridge Hil Residences Opportunities

  1. Circle line comes full-circle

Now, if you want to get to Marina Bay Sands (Bayfront MRT Station) from Kent Ridge Hill Residences, the journey takes about 40mins from Pasir Panjang MRT Station.

That includes a transfer from train to bus.

Come 2025, that time would be shortened by more than 50%.

The Full Circle

The Central Business Districts (CBD) hotspots like Tanjong Pagar and Raffles Place would also accordingly become more accessible.

The convenience would bring in new demand from both tenants and buyers who previously may have found the commute to CBD inconvenient.

Higher demand = Higher resale and rental prices.

  1. Greater Southern Waterfront

At 6 times the size of Marina Bay, effects will be felt not just at Kent Ridge Hill Residences, but also the surrounding areas from Haw Par Villa till Marina Bay.

It is a huge opportunity and catalyst for future growth.


Because waterfront living is rare in Singapore.

Along the South coast, you only have the Keppel properties: Caribbean & Reflections (and 1 upcoming soon).

The Greater Southern Waterfront looks to change that.

With new town centres, commercial and residential infrastructure, it would most definitely result in a higher demand for properties in the area.

  1. New School

A weakness now, that would likely change in the future.

According to the Master Plan, a school is slated to open in the vicinity (see the ‘E’), just right by the Pasir Panjang MRT Station.

Note, however, that this has been in the Master Plan since 2008, with no firm announcement made yet by our government.

Kent Ridge Hil Residences Threats

  1. Delay in Transformation plans

It happened to Twin Vew back in 2018.

The best-selling project in recent memory, fuelled by hype of the High-Speed Rail terminus at Jurong and the 2nd CBD.

It was a launch I think many would never forget for many reasons.

As we already know by now, the High Speed Rail project was delayed, with discussions still yet to reach a conclusion.

For investors of Kent Ridge Hill Residences, there’s always a risk when betting on transformation plans.

The Greater Southern Waterfront will usher in massive changes no doubt.

But when? How? What exactly? Is still uncertain.

Especially since the current Covid-19 pandemic, our government has already announced the shifting of timelines.

  1. Competition from Newer Projects

Some might say that buying first will surely make you money.

Deeper analysis will tell you that it’s not always true.

Buyers looking around the area will soon be able to also consider the en bloc of Normanton Park.

It’s located on the other side of Kent Ridge Park, just opposite of Kent Ridge Hill Residences.

With a higher plot ratio, it looks set to have great views all around.

And, should be similarly priced to Kent Ridge Hill Residences (based on land cost).

  1. Greater Southern Waterfront

No, it’s not a typo.

As much as the Greater Southern Waterfront is an opportunity, it some ways it’s also a threat.

Yes, it’s definitely going to be more expensive…

Yet, is it certain that buyers of the future would buy Kent Ridge Hill Residences over a newer, more modern (at that point) project closer to the water?

And there’s going to be many of them.

A lot here also goes back to the uncertainty of when? How? And what?

MUST WATCH: How the Greater Southern Waterfront ranks among a Top 10 list of Singapore Transformations.


That’s my take on Kent Ridge Hill Residences!

When it comes down to it, there’s no right or wrong buy, it’s always a question of whether it’s the RIGHT FIT for your own needs.

Over to you now.

Open discussion in the comments section below.

Let me know if you agree with my take, or if you have anything at all to discuss about the project.

I answer everything ????

P.S. Writing and video making is a hobby, and means to reach out to a larger audience to educate and inform. If you like my work and want to support my business, get in touch to work with me.

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