How To Handle Buyer Enquiries

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How To Handle Buyer Enquiries

No… Selling your home is not like selling your 2nd hand goods on Carousell.  

While you can list it on Carousell, there are a set of questions to ask potential buyers. 

A home viewing appointment can take up important times of a day, and you want to make sure the buyer is as serious as you can assess before you block out time for him/her. 

So here’s 5 tips to qualify the prospect.

1. Clarify if caller is a property agent – and yes, you will get many of such calls. They would usually ask if you pay agent commission in the event they bring a buyer. Don’t feel like you have to.

2. Be open about your unit info. Be proud of your house and tell the buyer about it right away. Build rapport. If they like you, there’s a higher chance of them liking your home.

3. Ask questions. How long have they been looking around? Are they familiar with the area? Stories work well here. As the owner share with them your wonderful experience of living in the property. Facts tell, stories sell.

4. Price Management. The most uncomfortable part. To avoid it, state at the start your expectations. E.g. It’s not very negotiable, or mention a last offer which was rejected.

5. Get a minor commitment from the buyer. If it’s a call, ask them to drop you a message. If it’s through messages, try to get them on a call.

Have you had experiences communicating with buyers before?

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