5 Popular Locations Foreigners Need to Know Before Buying Singapore Real Estate

Singapore isn’t a big country.

Put in perspective, as a Nation, we are slightly smaller than New York City (USA).

we are less than half the size of London (UK),

One-10th the size of Shanghai (China).

And Melbourne (Australia) is almost 14 times bigger than us!

Yet, despite being a small city state in Asia, Singapore is an attractive location for foreign real estate investment.

In this article I’ll share the 5 Popular Locations Foreigners Need to Know Before Buying Singapore Real Estate.

Especially if you’ve never been to Singapore before personally, this should give you a good introduction.

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In the context of Real Estate locations, the Singapore Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA) classifies us into 3 zones:

  1. Core Central Region (CCR)
  2. Rest of Central Region (RCR)
  3. Outside Central Region (OCR)


The CCR are the coloured zones: Downtown Core Planning Area, Postal Districts 9, 10 & 11, and Sentosa island.

The RCR are the areas within the Black Boundary line, excluding the coloured zones.

The OCR consists of the areas outside the boundary line, as well as all other areas of Singapore not shown above.

Being the most central, popular, and convenient location in Singapore, unsurprisingly CCR is also the 1st choice for Foreigners buying Singapore Real Estate.

Early sneak for this article: All the 5 Popular Locations are in the CCR 😀


Let’s start with the champion.

With a high concentration of luxury brands, high end restaurants and neon lit buildings, Orchard Road is Singapore’s most famous shopping street.

Its name is synonymous with the rich and famous… and not just for the shopping.

Globally renowned medical facilities at Mount Elizabeth Hospital and Camden Medical Centre also attract the well-heeled with their best-in-class healthcare.

The American Club and Tanglin Club are also in the vicinity.

Unsurprisingly, prices of property here are some of the most expensive in Singapore.

Need real proof of Orchard’s popularity with Foreigners?

Notice that tall oval-shaped round building in the background of the picture?

It’s a 175-unit luxury development known as The Orchard Residences.

And its famous owners include Facebook co-founder Eduardo Saverin, and Hong Kong movie star Jackie Chan.

Other famous personalities in Orchard include Zhao Wei and husband Huang Youlong, a Chinese actress and businessman, as well as Sun Tongyu, a co-founder and former president of Taobao e-commerce site.

River Valley

Located not too far South ward from Orchard is River Valley.

Distinctively different from Orchard Road, there are few large modern shopping malls in the area.

Instead, you get a mostly residential enclave with a good mix of shophouses and standalone retail outlets offering a unique blend of lifestyle, food, and beverage options.

Along the banks of the Singapore River, you have Robertson Quay, an entertainment gem with nightlife, cultural performance areas and clubs.

The other popular Quays of Singapore, Clarke Quay and Boat Quay are also within a short walking distance.

For nature lovers, Singapore’s largest park in the city, Fort Canning Park, is just a stone’s throw away.

It is an area that appeals to both young and old, with good connectivity at prices 10-20% cheaper than Orchard.


As an up-and-coming area, you may have previously never heard of Bugis.

It wasn’t really known as a residential area, particularly because of its relative lack of housing options back then.

However, Bugis has over the last 7-8 years transformed into one of the most sought-after Districts in Singapore.

Led by Singapore’s first JW Marriott Hotel in South Beach in 2016, then Andaz Singapore Hotel by Hyatt at Duo Tower in 2017, the 2 buildings with their respective hotel and private residential components have added much needed fresh vibrancy to the aging area.

The rejuvenation continues in line with our Singapore government’s plan for the area to be a lively, Arts, Learning and Heritage district.

As the transformation continues, so have demand, and accordingly, prices… which have doubled since a decade ago.

Ultimately, what Bugis can offer to its residents is something unlike any other.

A truly diversified mix of local delights, historical significance, and upmarket choices around every corner.

Holland/Bukit Timah

With Holland and Bukit Timah Road stretching for almost the entire length of District 10, the area is popular with Foreigners for 2 specific landmarks.

Holland Village, and the Singapore Botanic Gardens.

The former consists of only a few rows of shophouses, and to the observer may seem quiet by day, but don’t let that deceive you as by sunset, it turns into a car-free zone, with activity picking up several notches.

Holland Village is a haven for alfresco dining with numerous options from all over the world.

On the other side of the spectrum, for calm and peace, residents at Holland can easily head to The Singapore Botanic Gardens.

World famous, The Gardens are Singapore’s First UNESCO World Heritage Site, and consistently rank among the top Nature attractions in Asia.


More famously known as a tourist attraction with Resorts World Sentosa and Universal Studios, did you know that Sentosa is also the only place in Singapore where foreigners can receive approval to buy landed properties?

The island is popular for its lush, green environment with fresh air and water all around.

Homes here can provide a much-needed escape from the busy Singapore city life.

For the super-rich, this is also the place to go for homes with picturesque sea views and their own private yacht berth.

There is a strong community with ample amenities at Quayside Isle and Sentosa Cove Village.

First time visitors to this part of Sentosa island are always taken by surprise at how liveable it actually is despite being a good 10-15mins away from the main Singapore island.

That’s a round up of the 5 Popular Locations Foreigners Need to Know Before Buying Singapore Real Estate.

Have you heard of any?

Which is your favourite?

Let me know in the comments below!

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