Why Should You Invest In Former AXA Tower?

In 2020, Alibaba Group acquired a 50% stake in AXA Tower, and set plans in motion to redevelop it into a mixed-use project comprising of retail, office and residential units.

This exciting re-development is likely to have a big impact on the Singapore property market, as the Former AXA Tower will likely be the first residential launch since URA announced its CBD incentive scheme.

Future residents will get to enjoy a high quality of life in one of Singapore’s most premium districts, with convenience, amenities and prestige aplenty. 

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All About Former AXA Tower

Located conveniently at Tanjong Pagar, the former AXA Tower is set to be one of the most highly sought-after projects on the market.

Besides its strategic location fully sheltered from the MRT Station, the former AXA Tower will have several retail outlets within the premises. This is a huge draw, as mixed-use projects in premium areas are extremely popular among investors/buyers.

Being the first-mover as part of the CBD Incentive Scheme, should you choose to purchase a unit at Former AXA Tower, its value is likely to appreciate significantly in years to come, as improvements continue to be made to the surrounding environment.

Rental demand is likely to be high, especially among foreign professionals working in CBD.

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Why Should You Invest In Former AXA Tower?

✔ High potential for capital appreciation

✔ Mature neighborhood with plenty of amenities

✔ Located in the heart of Singapore’s CBD

✔ Convenient location for ease of connectivity

✔ High rental demand from foreign professionals

What Are The Key Project Details?

Project Name

Former AXA Tower



TOP Date


Total Number Of Units



99 years

Unit Types

Residential + Commercial

Pricing Range



Mixed-use facilities including swimming pool, BBQ pits, gym, function rooms, retail outlets etc.

What Are The Pricing And Unit Floor Plans?

Former AXA Tower has not been launched yet. To get notified ASAP once pricing and floor plans are announced, fill in your details below.

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What Are The Transport Options Available?

Former AXA Tower is only 3 minutes’ walk away from Tanjong Pagar MRT station.

Its centralized location allows for quick and easy access to other parts of Singapore. Other nearby MRT stations include Raffles Place, Downtown, Telok Ayer, as well as the future Shenton Way along the Thomson East Coast Line.

For drivers, major expressways such as MCE, AYE, CTE and KPE connect Former AXA Tower with the rest of Singapore, allowing for convenient travel to almost all areas of the island.

What Are The Nearby Schooling And Education Options?

Cantonment Primary School and Outram Secondary School are the nearby schooling options. Former AXA Tower’s strategic location allows convenient access to other elite schools via both public and private transport.

What Are The Nearby Amenities?

Former AXA Tower is located in a posh neighborhood with a large variety of restaurants, cafes, bars and supermarkets.

During the day, the surrounding area will be bustling with vibrant activity. In the evening, it’ll transform into a tranquil, laid-back hang out spot perfect for relaxing after a hard day’s labor.

Residents at Former AXA Tower will get to enjoy the best of both worlds: Work and play in equal measure!

How Are Central Business District (CBD) Properties Faring In Terms Of Numbers?

Pricing Overview

Historically, CBD property prices have always been on the high side, compared to other districts. This is mainly due to its superior central location and the prestige of living in the heart of a leading financial hub.

In the years to come, this trend is set to continue and further enhance the CBD’s appeal as a highly desirable property location in Singapore.

Former AXA Tower is likely to benefit, and command high prices from interested buyers and investors in future.

Should you take action fast, you can potentially make quick profits when the price appreciates after your purchase. You’ll also have the option of holding long term to increase your gains, or selling to enjoy faster returns. 

Sales Volume Overview

District 1
District 2

Despite the higher prices of CBD properties, sales volume has remained at healthy levels.

Many savvy investors and buyers understand the simple concept of: Price is what you pay, value is what you get.

Although CBD properties require a higher initial price to purchase, the value it offers in the long and mid-term far outstrips most properties from other districts.

We can expect Former AXA Tower to follow a similar sales volume pattern, and perhaps even outperform its fellow CBD properties, because of its mixed-use concept and a one of a kind circular structure.

Rental Overview

District 1
District 2

Besides capital gain, another way for Former AXA Tower investors to gain positive ROI is through rental.

Attracting quality tenants will not be a problem. Based on tenant behavior over the last few years, many professionals prioritize location over other factors when choosing their ideal temporary home.

And there’s no better location than in the CBD itself.

As mentioned above, Former AXA Tower is a mixed-use development, fully connected to Tanjong Pagar MRT, which should make it an even bigger attraction to potential tenants compared to other CBD properties.

What Is The Government’s Plan To Develop The Area?

In recent years, the Singapore government has been re-developing the CBD area to reflect a more “work-life balance” concept.

Instead of just work-related offices and buildings, the CBD is being transformed into a hotspot which mixes business with pleasure.

An increasing number of entertainment options like shopping malls, cafes and restaurants have been developed in the CBD area, with more set to follow in the near future as the CBD Incentive Scheme bears fruit.

(Further Reading on CBD Incentive Scheme)

Former AXA Tower residents will get to enjoy a high quality life in this hybrid district, with numerous lifestyle, business and F&B options right at their doorsteps. 

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