5 Tampines Facts That Will Make You Want To Live There

Tampines. Singapore’s regional centre of the East.

Also home to about 232,700 HDB residents, and 68,812 managed flats. 

Numbers set to grow further as new flats are launched in the latest September Build-To-Order exercise and the government’s future plans for Tampines North and South regions.

So what makes Tampines one of the most livable towns in Singapore?

Let’s look at 5 facts!

1. It has the most amenities within a 300m radius of the train station.

Tampines MRT Surrounding

And I do mean the MOST. No other town in Singapore is comparable.

In which other town can you find 3 shopping malls, multiple office buildings and also a fully integrated community and lifestyle centre?

Only here can you get that with Tampines Mall, Century Square and Tampines 1. 3 malls with varying offerings that cater to the different needs of the residents.

The young would love Singapore’s very first Starbucks boutique concept at Tampines Mall. Open 24 hours on Fridays and Saturdays, it is the perfect hangout place for youths to cool-off after a night out, or for students to pull all-nighters.

Fresh off a revamp 1-year ago, Century Square is the new place to hang out with it’s expanded number of stores (50 per cent more). Popular businesses like the 24-hour gym Gymmboxx, American footwear Foot Locker, and Hai Di Lao have also opened there.

Home to Uniqlo’s first flagship store, Tampines 1 is your go-to mall to experience the latest fashion trends, dining styles and lifestyle options.

For work, commercial office buildings like 9 Tampines Grande, Abacus Plaza, among others provide employment opportunities for the area.

To top it off, building’s equivalent of the swiss army knife, Our Tampines Hub, houses the Sports Hall, Swimming Complex, the Housing and Development Board (HDB) Tampines Branch Office and the Regional Library… all under one roof!

Work. Play. Shop. Eat. Exercise. There isn’t anything you need to leave Tampines central for.

2. Tampines Is Convenient To Pretty Much Anywhere

Tampines, Tampines East and Tampines West. 3 existing MRT stations across 2 lines, the East-West line and the Downtown Line. With an upcoming 5th station, Tampines North planned on the future Cross Island Line.

In addition to one of Singapore’s busiest bus interchanges.

Public transport connections that bring you directly to many parts of Singapore.

That’s the extent of convenience living in Tampines brings.

For drivers, the Pan-Island Expressway (PIE), Tampines Expressway (TPE) and East Coast Parkway (ECP) are easily accessible.

Should you want to avoid expressways, the handy route from Tampines Ave 10 through  Bartley Road East and Braddell Road is another viable option for westward travellers.

One of the biggest selling points though, would have to be airport proximity.

Whether travelling is an annual affair or a frequent activity, knowing that you’re only 10-15mins from home after a long flight is comforting.

Also means more snoozing if you have an early flight to catch!

3. The Commercial Centre Of The East

Besides for the sprinkling of office buildings near central Tampines, the region is also home to one of the largest employment hubs outside of the Central Business District (CBD).

Changi Business Park – the largest integrated business park in Singapore – covers approximately 7,642,38 sq ft. and is home to many global heavyweights including Standard Chartered, IBM, Akzo Nobel and DBS.

Furthermore, Changi Airport, with her recently completed Jewel and upcoming Terminal 5, provides a perpetual bustle of commercial activity and thousands of aviation related jobs.

If your primary workplace is in the east region of Singapore, Tampines is the largest and most mature town.

It truly brings to life one of the government’s themes of the 2019 Master Plan: Creating Jobs Within Easy Reach.

4. Tampines Is Abundant In Nature And Greenery

Singapore has a reputation for being a country full of natural greenery and spaces.

‘The Garden City’, as we affectionately call ourselves.

Tampines, then is an area which contains some awesome unique spaces you wouldn’t be able to find anywhere else in Singapore.

First, is Tampines Eco Green. This 36 hectare park is a sanctuary for flora and fauna and a place for nature recreation.

It is the only park in Singapore with multiple different habitats including open grasslands, marshes, freshwater ponds and even a secondary rainforest.

Another ‘off the beaten track’ gem, is the Tampines Quarry Park. The place is not signposted, with no official way in and no facilities.

Despite that, and the presence of a state land sign, the place has been an unofficial playground for many radio-controlled boats, fishing, and drone enthusiasts.

If that’s still not enough, the ever popular East Coast Park lies only 10-15mins away.

5. Tampines’ largest apartments are of great value!

I’m talking about the executive HDBs here. The pretty much extinct HDB type that is the largest of its category.

Often over 140sqm in size, they usually have dedicated space for the living, dining areas, bedrooms, kitchen, and even a yard!

Due to limited supply, demand for such housing has been resilient over the years.

As a result, they are an exception to the usual million-dollar HDB flats usually reserved for newer flats with leases 90 years and more.

Let’s look at how the Tampines’ Executive HDBs compare with those of other mature estates.

Here’s the comparison graph below:

Executive Flat Mature Estate Comparison

Contrasting to Queenstown, Bukit Timah and Bishan, Tampines’ are the most value for money.

And it’s not even close.

Yes, they also have the highest supply and transaction volume as well. Which also explains why prices remain low.

In Summary…

Tampines’ Executive HDBs are the cheapest to buy among other comparable mature estates.

They’re fantastic value for families who desire a large living space at an affordable price point.

If you’re a buyer who’s either:

  1. Looking for a spacious HDB Executive unit in Tampines, or
  2. Want convenience and space but unsure which part of Singapore to look?

I have just the right product for you.

151 Tampines St 12 for sale151 Tampines St 12 for sale151 Tampines St 12 for sale

It’s a Tampines HDB Executive Apartment at Block 151 Street 12, located just a road crossing away from all the amenities aforementioned.

A spacious 148sqm, altered from its original floor plan to contain large, distinct, living and dining areas.

Single floor, no staircases to take up precious space.

Drop me a message here if you’re interested!

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