LAST EP: Home Seller’s Masterclass

The Documents Required To Sell A House & Waiting For Completion

What Are The Documents To Sell A House And What’s The Timeline To Completion?

I answer these questions in the final video of the Home Seller’s Masterclass!

There are a few phases.

1. Issuance of the Option To Purchase (OTP) in exchange for a deposit from the buyer: The deposit is equivalent to 1% of the sale price.

2. The period of OTP validity: 14 days. Buyer would confirm his bank financing and legal representatives.

3. Exercising of the OTP. Done at the buyer’s solicitor’s office, payment of the remaining deposit of 4% is made to the seller’s solicitor’s account.

4. Waiting For Completion: 12 weeks. Seller clears the house of movable furniture & fittings, unless otherwise agreed with the buyer. Bank would send a valuer down to inspect the house.

5. Sale Completion. You pass the keys to your solicitor, which the buyer can then collect from theirs.

Congratulations on making to the end of this video series, and I hope you’re now ready to handle the selling of your own home.

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