EP6: Home Seller’s Masterclass

The 1 Secret Of An Effective Home Presentation

What’s The Key To A Good Home Presentation?

In the home selling process, this is the first time that the buyer would step into your house, and also the first time you are meeting the buyer.

Don’t forget the basics of preparing your home nicely before the scheduled appointment!

And greeting the buyer with a smile ????

In this video I talk about the No.1 Secret advantage you have as a DIY Home Seller, and how you can effectively use it to showcase your property.

The entire walkthrough should be experiential for the buyers.

Help them to picture what it is like living in your home.

Don’t be afraid to share more about your time in the property!

At the end of the day, a home purchase is an emotional decision.

If the buyer feels like they can click with you, likes your presentation, likes you, the chances of them buying your home increases exponentially.

So make sure you don’t just focus on selling the product, but focus on understanding the buyer!

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What was your experience doing a home presentation to a direct buyer?

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