EP7: Home Seller’s Masterclass

How To Negotiate Your Selling Price

When Warren Buffet, the famous investor was asked: What can we do to make ourselves more valuable in the workforce?

His answer wasn’t like to study your financial tables, learn how to invest… NO!

If there’s only 1 thing, learn how to communicate. Sales, persuasion, all these come from a backbone of strong communication…it’s the most crucial skill out there.

Which leads me to negotiation, as being a strong great sales person, as Jordan Belfort is, entails strong negotiation as well.

So in Ep 7 of the Home Seller’s Masterclass, I identify 3 tips that we can learn from former FBI master negotiator Chris Voss, and share how you can apply it too in your home selling.

It’s usually the most awkward step in the entire sales process as talking about our home, and placing a value on it which the other party won’t necessary agree with, is uncomfortable.

Think of it as a game! Where you are in fact on the same team as the buyer, working towards a mutually acceptable outcome.

Tip 1: Ask open-ended questions. Make the buyer negotiate against themselves.

Tip 2: Use mirroring and labeling to get the other party to open up and share more information with you.

Tip 3: We all naturally want a fair outcome. Use this tendency to your advantage.

Important – To communicate either in person or on the phone.

When it comes to negotiation, you want to be able to see facial expressions, body language or at least hear their voice.

These are advanced tips to How To Negotiate Your Selling Price.

Make sure you watch the video for the full gist.

Do you have interesting negotiating experiences directly with a buyer before?

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Credits: Goalcast for the great interview of Jordan Belfort. For more inspirational and motivational videos, do check out their channel at https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCc4IYtPKkJLSAHHuJx1GiGQ