EP3: Home Seller’s Masterclass

How To Create Real Estate Advertising Media


 Click Me For 301 Clementi Ave 4 For Sale
Click Me For 301 Clementi Ave 4 For Sale


Step 3 of the Home Seller’s Masterclass: Creating Real Estate Advertising Media for your home.

This is an important, yet often neglected part of the home selling process.

Even professionals, sometimes do a poor job of this.

You just have to log in to one of our major property portals (PropertyGuru or 99.co) to take a look for yourself.

Your property advertising media is the first thing about your home that prospective buyers will see.

It is the first contact on the buyer’s purchase journey with you.

So start strong!

Here are 5 components of advertising media:

1. Pictures And Videos – the core foundation. Make sure you declutter and position your shots from angles which emphasize spaciousness. No fancy tools are required, your mobile phone would do just fine, and there are many editing tools available.

2. Summary Page – A 1-pager which captures the best pictures, property information and key selling points. Buyers see many properties, and a simple page like this goes a long way in helping them remember your home. (canva.com and crello.com are useful tools)

3. Floor Plan/Site Plan – Which doors can be knocked down? Can the bedroom fit a bed and study table? The floor plan may provide answers to such questions. Orientation is also clear with a compass rose.

4. Amenities Map – Not all buyers may be familiar with your location of sale. An amenity map helps them feel comfortable that your location is one that is accessible and convenient to their needs.

5. Recent Transacted Prices/Valuation – Very useful when for certain reasons you are selling undervalued. Prepare a set of comparables to show the buyer what a deal he is getting for your unit.

When you have these 5 items down, your Home Advertising Media would be complete.

Together with Step 2 where you’ve prepared your home for sale nicely, it’s as if you have a nice welcoming garden towards a great home where everyone leaves with a little memento.

We’re at the end of Phase 1: Preparation!

Next step, is to list your home ????

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