Specially For Anyone Looking To Use Their Homes As A “Springboard” To Comfortable Retirement

The Property Retirement Blueprint – A Proven & Potent Strategy That Can Turn Your Home (HDB Or Private Doesn’t Matter) Into A Massive Asset For Retirement…Without Overstretching Your Finances!*

*Disclaimer: HDB Owners, You Need To Hit Your 5-Year MOP For This To Work

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By Jim Tay, Property Retirement Consultant.

My Property Retirement Blueprint Has Worked Wonders For Many Home Owners. See Their Awesome Results For Yourself!

Sold Flat At Target Price In Less Than A Week, Now Well-Prepared For Retirement!

“With all the news in the market about HDB flats, decaying leases and CPF usage restrictions, we were unsure of what to do with our flat & its future value. Thankfully we spoke to Jim, who helped us to understand the situation. He then proceeded to sell our flat at our target price in less than a week! We have now happily moved into our new home and well prepared for retirement. We would happily recommend Jim to anyone looking for a reliable long term property partner!”

Carol & Ah Wee

Carol & Jun Wee

10% Per Annum Returns On The Way To Hit Retirement Goals!

“I believe that if you want an early retirement, it is important to start planning early, with cash flow being very important. It was therefore great to connect with Jim who shared the same thoughts. Through his recommendation I am very glad to have invested in a property with estimated returns of up to 10% per annum and on my way to hitting my retirement goals!”


Du Cheng

Revealing For The 1st Time Ever… My “SAVE” Property Retirement Blueprint​

retirement using real estate

S – Creating a Savings plan

The first step is to analyse your existing home for its potential to create a long term savings plan for you. This pretty much beats most of the endowment/savings plans you can find anywhere else!

One thing is similar though: Money grows over time. So the sooner you start the better!

A – Permanent Annuity for retirement

Retirement is ‘the action or fact of leaving one’s job and ceasing to work.’ A normal annuity gives you money periodically, but reduces the balance. CPF life is the best example.

With my method, you also get income/cash at regular periods, but your ‘balance’ won’t decline

V – Variation Protection

We can’t predict the future with 100% certainty. Through this step, contingency plans are put in place to protect your property assets from any possible future variations, to give you peace of mind.

Whether positive or negative, I make sure you’re all prepared, and have minimum risk. 😊

E – Exponential

The secret sauce that leads to eventual financial bliss. Through a series of customized strategies with your home as the catalyst, you can grow your retirement funds exponentially.

Want to achieve your retirement goals earlier? You can too! This is the most exciting step as the possibilities are truly endless!

I Would Love To Share More About My Tried-And-Tested Blueprint With You! Fill In Your Details Below For A Complimentary Property Retirement Consultation!

Dear Home Owner,

This is Jim, a property retirement consultant. I’m writing to you because I want to share this simple but important message:

Your Home Is Not Just A Place For You And Your Family To Live In.

Well at least, it should not be. Because your home can be so much more.

No matter if you’re staying in a HDB or condo, your home if utilized correctly, is an asset.

More specifically…

An Asset For Comfortable And Lucrative Retirement!


But how can it be? You may be thinking that.

After all, there are so many regulations in the market today. So many conflicting reports. So much confusion about ABSD, 99-year leases etc.

The truth is, all those other factors while important, does not change the fundamental rule regarding property retirement.

The simplest of equations regarding this issue is:

Leverage on your home as a retirement platform > My Property Retirement Blueprint works its magic > You and your family get to live a life of financial bliss.

Oh, and in most cases, you don’t need to tap on your savings at all. My approach ensures your home will fund everything.


It’s really that straightforward. But only if you have the right strategy. Unfortunately, too many don’t have that. Which means…

They Are Wasting Away Their Homes’ Retirement Potential!

As a result, many Singaporeans are not investing and unprepared for retirement. Have a look at some recent news:

Article In The Straits Times, July 15, 2019
Article In The Straits Times, July 15, 2019
Article In The Business Times, July 16, 2019
Article In The Business Times, July 16, 2019

So here’s the deal. I don’t want that to happen to you. Because I have the solution to unlock your home’s retirement asset capabilities.

My Property Retirement Blueprint, which I’ll share with you in detail when we meet up for a consultation, can help you do exactly that.

To give you a sneak preview of what’s in store, here’s another look at how other home owners have benefited:

Happy Owners Of 2 Private Properties!

“When my wife and I were contemplating property investment, we sought Jim out for his views and advice. Jim paid full attention to our financial circumstances, risk appetite, and needs, and then shared with us his deep knowledge of the Singapore housing market and the various factors to consider when deciding to invest in the Singapore property market.

After a few discussions and detailed analysis facilitated by Jim, my wife and I decided to sell our HDB flat to unlock its equity in order to support subsequent investments in the private property market where he had spotted opportunities with very good potential.

We were hugely impressed with Jim’s ability to advertise our HDB flat, and then negotiate an excellent price for our HDB unit. We are now happy owners of two private properties and have Jim to thank for guiding us throughout the journey so far.

We look forward to continuing our real estate journey towards a comfortable retirement with Jim as our guide and partner. Jim is client-focused, genuine and trustworthy. A true asset in the real estate profession!”

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Wenjie & Yuepeng

Let Me Plan Your Property Retirement For You


I have the strategy. I have the track record. I have everything you need to fuel your retirement goals with your home.

So let me help. I promise that in just 1 hour+ with me at your Property Retirement Consultation, you’ll gain lots of insights and actionable steps to leverage on your home as a retirement asset!

I don’t really want to share too much here, as my strategy is a proprietary blueprint I personally developed. Can’t anyhow share my “secret sauce” in public 🙂

But when we meet up, I’ll be sharing all I know with you, no holds barred. Rest assured that you’ll get plenty of valuable takeaways, and be one step closer to hitting your retirement goals.

To get started, fill in your details below and I’ll contact you to arrange your Property Retirement Consultation. See you soon!

About Jim Tay, Your Property Retirement Consultant


Jim specializes in helping Singaporeans accumulate wealth through their homes, specifically for comfortable retirement and financial success.

He spent years learning, optimizing and improving his strategies, before finding success with his Property Retirement Blueprint.

Since then, he has helped many Singaporeans get started on their home-fueled retirement journeys.

Jim’s results are not typical, and his methods have been proven to work tremendously well.

The Property Retirement Blueprint 

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